Thursday, 3 November 2011

Jeffrey Campbell lita Knock-offs.

Right Guys!!! My first post WHOOP WHOOP!

So i've notice that a lot of people are wishing for a pair of Jeffrey Campbell litas, thus including me, so after calculating my budget  for Christmas, i have concluded that i wont be purchasing one any time soon, i mean theses shoes retail for about £125GB pounds. After doing my research i came across this little wholesale company in china that sell the lita  knock offs, i only wanted a pair  so i emailed them to see if they could send me a pair, and they did, i only paid £40 pounds for this including delivery, it was supposed to be delivered in a month but they came just after 10 days :-)x . they look exactly like the real ones, i mean i know their fake but they will do for now, tell me what you think guys, do you want a pair?

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